Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guide Tips for Parents

              There are a lot of techniques that parents can apply in their homes that will encourage their children to love reading. The following are the most important:

  • Read Aloud – Kids will enjoy listening to you as you read their favourite stories. Put some actions and sound effects as you go in your reading. This will help them fully understand what you read.
  • Spend Time in Reading with your Kids – Parents should also set a regular reading session in their homes. This may be applied daily. This will remind your kids to read and become reading as their habit.
  • Choose Books that are fitted to their Skill Level - Do not choose a book that does not fit your child's reading skills. Choose a book that they can easily read and understand.
  • Let your Kid choose what Book to Read – Parents should know their child’s interest. Let them choose what story they want to read and read with them.
  • Encourage your Children to Read a Story for you – Teach your children how to be creative and imaginative in understanding what they read.
  • Give Books as Gifts to your Kids - This will give them reasons to read.
  • Read and Re-read their Favorite Stories - Put their favorite books on a shelf that they can easily reach so that they can look for their favorites whenever they want. 
  • Explain the Pictures in the Book - Let them explain and express what they understand in their own terms and ways.
  • Reduce your Kids Time in Television and Internet - Instead of watching television and surfing the internet, make them read.

     Lastly, don't forget to praise your child and give rewards as a trophy.