Monday, May 16, 2011

Best Kids Books Reviews

           "Diary of the Wimpy Kid" has been nominated as the Kid's Choice Award for Favorite Book. It was authored by Jeff Kinney. Jeff Kinney is an American author, game designer, producer and a cartoonist. The books were the journal of the main character, Greg Heffley. He was described as a underweight, selfish, greedy, absurd, idiotic and rude, also lazy. He was in sixth grade in the first book, seventh grade in the second and third, eight grade in the fifth and upcoming sixth book.
            His diaries was filled with hand written notes and simple drawings, just like a journal of a kid, depicting his daily adventures.

          "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" is popular 1887 novel about a young boy growing up in a small town along the Mississippi river. The book series was authored by  Mark Twain. He note in the story's introduction,
 "Most of the adventures recorded in this book really occurred; one or two were experiences of my own, the rest of those boys were schoolmates of mine. Huck Finn is drawn from life; Tom Sawyer also, but not from an individual—he is a combination of the characteristics of three boys whom I knew, and therefore belongs to the composite order of architecture.".

         The famous "Harry Potter" books were a series of seven fantasy novels written by the British author J. K. RowlingThe books chronicle the adventures of the adolescent wizard Harry Potter and his best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The story evolves on how Harry Potter to overcome the evil dark wizard  Lord Voldemort

First Steps into Reading

            Teaching kids to read does not work overnight. It starts from one block to another. Parents should be with their kids at these stages of learning to guide them. The following are guidelines that may help them prepare them into reading:

          First, your kids should learn the Alphabet. The first big step is to let them memorize the 26 letters of the alphabet. Everybody should be able to say and recite the alphabet thoroughly. For babies and toddlers, letter blocks or plastic letters will help them memorize the alphabet. Another easy way to help them to memorize is to sing the Alphabet song. You can download it or have it in a CD and play it over and over again,

         Second: Read Stories and Rhymes. Start with a short but funny kids book. Act as the character of the story so that they will become interested in listening. Poems will also do. They can also used to read into your kids. Expose them into rhyming songs, so that they can easily learn how to pronounce syllables.

         Third, Enjoy magazines and newspapers. These reading materials are does not harm your children. It is also good to have a variety of printed materials to read. Teach them letters and sounds like 'A' as to 'ahhh' or 'B' as to 'buhh'. This will help their pronunciation.

        Fourth, introduce to them the UPPERCASE and lowercase of letters. Your kids should know the difference of the two and how or when they can use it when they start writing. You can buy kids books that are inclined into this matter.

        Lastly, have FUN. You can think of any other way to enjoy learning and having fun. Not only learning but also enjoying.

I hope that helps!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bedtime Reading Benefits

              Reading kids books into your kids before sleep is a great habit. It helps children not only in intellectual matters, but also emotionally. It develops many phases of learning; self-esteem, vocabulary skills and comprehension. Reading kids books are not only limited into infants and children, also teenagers can get the same benefits.

              Bedtime reading can be a source of love and a strong bond within a family. Children would likely feel to be loved by their parents. They became more confident to face the outside world because they know that whatever happens, they have a family back home. And that's a part of growing up.

              Books offers a lot of benefits together with reading. One would be developing a child's IQ. Re-reading their favorite books, especially children that are only beginners in reading, can help teach language, spelling and proper pronunciation. At first, they can't catch anything but as you read and read the same book, they will longer understand what it is all about. Second would be helping them love books. Once they're hooked up with books, they would love reading. You'll just notice that they already know how to read. Third, reading will develop their listening skills. They will prepare themselves to absorb the words they hear and try to understand the whole story. Reading also widens a child's imagination. They can do what they can't do when imagining things and become somebody else that they like. Curiosity and Creative thinking increases, it also gives good health and good sleep routines.

             Reading picture books and kids books will develop kid's interest in arts through their exposure to many different styles and artworks. They will soon love and appreciate arts that may help them in the school. 
You see, there are a lot of benefits that a child or a person can get in reading. You will just led them into this habit and nurture their skills so that they'll be more competitive and gain applause.   

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kids Books That are Best to Read

             Here are some books that I can suggest for your child. These books are certified award winning books and are recognized by the industry.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guide Tips for Parents

              There are a lot of techniques that parents can apply in their homes that will encourage their children to love reading. The following are the most important:

  • Read Aloud – Kids will enjoy listening to you as you read their favourite stories. Put some actions and sound effects as you go in your reading. This will help them fully understand what you read.
  • Spend Time in Reading with your Kids – Parents should also set a regular reading session in their homes. This may be applied daily. This will remind your kids to read and become reading as their habit.
  • Choose Books that are fitted to their Skill Level - Do not choose a book that does not fit your child's reading skills. Choose a book that they can easily read and understand.
  • Let your Kid choose what Book to Read – Parents should know their child’s interest. Let them choose what story they want to read and read with them.
  • Encourage your Children to Read a Story for you – Teach your children how to be creative and imaginative in understanding what they read.
  • Give Books as Gifts to your Kids - This will give them reasons to read.
  • Read and Re-read their Favorite Stories - Put their favorite books on a shelf that they can easily reach so that they can look for their favorites whenever they want. 
  • Explain the Pictures in the Book - Let them explain and express what they understand in their own terms and ways.
  • Reduce your Kids Time in Television and Internet - Instead of watching television and surfing the internet, make them read.

     Lastly, don't forget to praise your child and give rewards as a trophy.

Kids Reading Interest

    Kid’s reading interest is hard to catch. Children are fond of playing computer games, watching television and surfing the Internet nowadays and tend to get used to it. Though these technologies have new approach that really interests your kids, reading also has.

      Reading is important especially for kids because reading provides great lessons in life and it help build good characters. A kid that excels in reading helps improve his or her rank in school. And because he or she already had an impression on the outside world, there’s a high possibility that he or she can handle social problems and consequences.

       Reading inspires children. They can learn and understand through reading.  They react and respond and interact with the environment. They can also share and get valuable ideas that might help them in growing up.

         Parents are the first teachers in life. They play a very great role in developing their child’s success. The most crucial development of life is at the early stage and this stage is the best time to learn basic skills such as reading. And so, parents are the ones that should offer this kind of environment to their children.