Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bedtime Reading Benefits

              Reading kids books into your kids before sleep is a great habit. It helps children not only in intellectual matters, but also emotionally. It develops many phases of learning; self-esteem, vocabulary skills and comprehension. Reading kids books are not only limited into infants and children, also teenagers can get the same benefits.

              Bedtime reading can be a source of love and a strong bond within a family. Children would likely feel to be loved by their parents. They became more confident to face the outside world because they know that whatever happens, they have a family back home. And that's a part of growing up.

              Books offers a lot of benefits together with reading. One would be developing a child's IQ. Re-reading their favorite books, especially children that are only beginners in reading, can help teach language, spelling and proper pronunciation. At first, they can't catch anything but as you read and read the same book, they will longer understand what it is all about. Second would be helping them love books. Once they're hooked up with books, they would love reading. You'll just notice that they already know how to read. Third, reading will develop their listening skills. They will prepare themselves to absorb the words they hear and try to understand the whole story. Reading also widens a child's imagination. They can do what they can't do when imagining things and become somebody else that they like. Curiosity and Creative thinking increases, it also gives good health and good sleep routines.

             Reading picture books and kids books will develop kid's interest in arts through their exposure to many different styles and artworks. They will soon love and appreciate arts that may help them in the school. 
You see, there are a lot of benefits that a child or a person can get in reading. You will just led them into this habit and nurture their skills so that they'll be more competitive and gain applause.